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DIY Wedding Advice - 7 steps to reschedule your wedding.

This is a must-read for anyone faced with having to reschedule their wedding due to COVID-19 in London! This works for all types of events too!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with all the tasks you have set yourself to reschedule your wedding? Well look no further, this step-by-step list is for you and calling you to start NOW! The important thing to remember, is you aren't alone in this, us suppliers are in this process with you, and whilst we all work it out together, we are here ready to answer your questions to ensure you still achieve the day you are dreaming of.

Pause and Restart

Stop! Think! COVID-19 has given you more time to achieve your dream wedding! Intimate or Lavish! It's all yours now! So, start by revising your budget. Now that your wedding is postponed, means you may also be able to stretch or add to your budget to afford that live band you always wished


Date Check

Contact your venue! Check your preferred alternative dates (I advise 3 options) for your current venue. BUT! It may be worth shopping around! You may be surprised to find the venue you longed may now be within budget. If your original venue is your dream venue and they have your one or all of your date choices ask to hold for 7 days.

Supplier Check

Now its time to check your new dates across all your suppliers! Start with your most favored supplier first. That way you can work out what is most important to your big day and make any big decisions later.

Guestlist Warrior

You will now need to amend your guestlist. You have a date change and you will need to send out new Save The Dates and invites. But first! 2020 weddings will never be the same. Intimate weddings, if allowed will be the new norm for a while. If you have family from abroad or anyone vulnerable, they may still be restricted, so this needs to be considered now. It is important to continue following the advice and guidelines provided by the experts as this is new for everyone in the industry.

Styling Freedom

Not pinpointed your design style yet? Now, is the time for you to really get this going. Download Pinterest, and get pinning your colour scheme and decor inspo. It can be really simple, or you can get overwhelmed. Take it easy and instruct your Bridal Party to help with this.

Inform your Guests

Now that you have established your new guestlist and a style. We need to get creative and design new save the dates, and get them sent! This is easy to do online through sites like Etsy or Papier. Of course, you have your previous supplier too (they may even do you a discount). Remember, whilst the Post Office is still open, it is a limited service meaning delays or lost post. But email or whatsapp is faster and effective too. You can guarantee all guests have read and received with a quick sign up link or text back.

Now for the Important Stuff

All the fun, cute stuff! If you do anything during the lockdown, ensure it is this step. Set up your gift registry (John Lewis/The Wedding Shop/Prezola) and get loading, loading, loading! Set up appointments for manicures, hair treatments and styling, facials, massage, and make-up trials (Try before you buy ladies). And anything in between: like booking dress and accessory appointments. Why not even get your girls to plan your virtual hen? (Although I am sure they are on it already).

Don't forget if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by this all! Please do contact me, I have reserved amazing discounts for couples having to reschedule their dates! You can contact me here:

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