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Cool Dry Hire Wedding Venues in London

When it comes to choosing where to have your cool wedding venue for your epic wedding reception, there are so many aspects to consider that if even one doesn't meet your needs, it's generally enough to cross that particular venue off your list.

So, to avoid the disappointment of seeing – and then rejecting – what appears to be the ideal cool dry hire wedding venue, here we are going to be telling you the top London cool dry hire wedding venues, that will be yours and exclusive for your wedding day and why considering a cool dry hire venue is a good idea, to avoid disappointment.

What is a Dry Hire Venue?

Dry hiring simply refers to a venue that only hires out the building or room, with no additional services such as staff, entertainment, catering, or décor. It merely serves as an incredible blank canvas.

A dry hire venue option can be revolutionary if you are looking for the best venue for your wedding. When your creativity is the sole limit, the possibilities are endless and you will be able to put your stamp on it.

The Benefit of a London Dry Hire Wedding Venue

The best thing about dry hire venues is that you have more options for every aspect of your event, from the colour of your napkins to the food and drink that you serve. You have complete control over selecting all of your suppliers and creating the theme you desire.

People tend to opt for an exclusive dry hire wedding venue because they know what specific suppliers and ideas they have in mind. Many couples tend to plan this out all by themselves and some opt for a wedding planner, to save them the hassle and stress of it all!

London Dry Hire Wedding Venues

  • Core Clapton, Hackney, London

  • Trinity Buoy Wharf, Poplar, London

  • Oakley House, London

  • Stanley Halls, London

Core Clapton, Hackney, London

Core Clapton is an inspiring cool London dry hire wedding venue because of its excellent blend of ancient and modern characteristics. It offers a 6m barrel-vaulted ceiling and an abundance of natural light which gives the space a feeling of scale and drama, which is perfect for a big wedding.

This venue is licensed for civil wedding ceremonies and offers a blank canvas which is huge and adaptable, allowing you to develop your own vision for your wedding day.

The venue offers a hall that will fill up to 200 people, a downstairs reception space for 130 standing and 60 seated, a fully air-conditioned hall, a large kitchen and additional rooms.

We suggest hiring a wedding day manager here as the team at Core Clapton are there to ensure doors are open on time, sound is on and the venue is locked on time. Having a professional wedding day management team with you can help bridge the gap between you, your suppliers and the venue team so your day runs hiccups unnoticed.

Trinity Buoy Wharf, Poplar, London

The Trinity Buoy Wharf is an old Chain Store venue and is a Grade II listed brick building with triple-height ceilings and plenty of charm. The Chain Store, which was built in 1854 and is attached to London's only lighthouse, has plenty of space with the option of a riverside terrace with views of the River Thames.

Direct access to the Trinity Buoy Wharf Pier offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to arrive by boat. Imagine turning up to your wedding in a boat!

The room they offer is authorised for music, drink, performances and dancing. It's also permitted to hold wedding ceremonies - so no worry about hiring different venues!

Although the venue have a wedding management team on site, they are not seen unless you hire them as wedding planners. When we worked here over Spring 2022, the intimate team at Trinity was super on it and really helpful with those hiccup-proofed questions that made our teams job even smoother. We definitely suggest hiring a wedding day manager here so that when your venue team disappear you still have your trusted team you personally employed with you at all times. Having a professional wedding day management team with you can help bridge the gap between you, your suppliers and the venue team so your day runs hiccups unnoticed.

Oakley House, London

By combining their beautifully furnished wedding room, Oakley House, a dry hire wedding venue in Kent provides you with the appropriate place for your wedding day.

The banqueting suite offers a big air-conditioned bar area with lighting that can be adjusted to suit the mood of the day or evening, creating a lovely ambience at any time of day.

During the warmer months, there is also a magnificent garden, which is ideal for your outdoor wedding celebrant ceremony, wedding photos and serving reception drinks.

The venue can accommodate up to 300 people in their banqueting suite, but we have seen 100 guests here before which is filled perfectly with partitions, a band and staging.

Stanley Halls, London

The magnificent Stanley Hall can accommodate up to 180 guests for a wedding breakfast or lunch, and up to 300 for an evening celebration. Upstairs on the theatre styled balcony, they have an additional 100 seats, you could even have evening guests join for speeches and feel welcomed before the party starts.

In the Gallery, just close to the main hall, there is also a fully licensed bar. And of course, this London cool dry hire wedding venue can be decorated in any way you like.

Once again, you do not have to worry about moving venue throughout your day as they allow everything from the wedding ceremony to the wedding lunch, reception, and evening party!

The Stanley team are epic and on hand for any support you require, but are there for you and ensuring the venue is safe. For a smooth liaison between you, your suppliers and your venue we really do recommend you hiring a wedding day manager so your day runs hiccups unnoticed.

How can an On The Day Coordinator support you at your Dry Hire Wedding Venue?

Wedding On The Day Coordinators are well-versed in working with 'dry hire' venues. You'll be surprised how much time, stress, and effort a luxury wedding management team can save you; we have the information, contacts, time, and know-how to ensure that your wedding is everything you want it to be.

We will not only save you valuable time but we will help you to avoid costly mistakes and negotiate value for money in all aspects as well as maximise your wedding budget in the best possible way.

As well as managing your budget, we are here to recommend suppliers that we have tried and tested! The sheer number of suppliers available can be intimidating. If you have never worked with them before, the uncertainty of whether or not they will perform a decent job adds to the stress.

Overall, a wedding day coordinator is there to understand your vision and ensure that it is created. If you and your partner have a distinct experience you vision for your wedding, it can be challenging to express this to other suppliers. If you hire luxury wedding day managers like us, our team will ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of the design, timings, directions and feel of your big day.

Are you ready to start Planning your Dry Hire Wedding in London?

Cool dry hire wedding venues are often a more cost-effective, bespoke way to plan and execute your wedding. With a dry hire wedding venue, you’re able to customise each of these elements to your own taste and budget.

This is why our clients come to us. We specialise in dry hire wedding planning, so you don’t have to sacrifice your budget on an all-inclusive venue. Plus, you don’t want to drown yourself in the stress of planning, so hand it all over!

Wanna find out more...visit our website today

With Akilah and Co xo

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