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How can I renew my wedding vows?

You've decided its time to renew your wedding vows! It's kind of a big deal to be married, so why confine the experience to a single celebration? Whether you've been married for a year, ten years, or several decades, having a vow renewal is a lovely way to celebrate your union and reaffirm your love for your partner!

Vow renewal ceremonies used to be done on significant wedding anniversaries, but as we all know, traditions in marriage are meant to be broken. We strongly support having a vow renewal whenever you want. After all, your love story deserves it.

Here we have put together the ultimate guide to renewing your wedding vows.

Why should I renew my wedding vows?

The decision to renew your wedding vows is made for a variety of reasons. Usually, this decision is frequently chosen by people to commemorate important anniversaries or unique milestones. Some couples want to reaffirm their vows because their first wedding wasn't a full event; they may have eloped, in which case their loved ones were probably not present.

Vow renewal ceremonies are an emotional way to commemorate your relationship and reiterate the commitments you made to one another on your wedding day.

You may even have a new fun idea of how you want to get married! Maybe it has been a few years down the line and you have both matured, or even changed your taste and style and dream of recreating a vision that describes you both as a couple perfectly!

There are no legalities attached to a vow renewal

A vow renewal is not a second wedding. There are no laws governing vow renewals because you are not legally getting married again. This indicates that there are no requirements, such as obtaining a marriage licence, using a licenced officiant, or having witnesses.

The best thing is that since the celebrant does not need to be ordained, you can pick anyone to preside over the ceremony. Your closest friend, maid of honour, best man, family, and even your kids could lead your vows if you like. We would highly recommend a celebrant as they make everything PERFECT!

Another suggestion is having your kids conduct the ceremony can be a very educational and symbolic way to renew your vows and share the occasion with your children - who may have not even been at your first wedding!

No legal documents are required but a creative commemorative certificate could be a nice keepsake for the two of you.

So, how can you plan to renew your wedding vows?

  • Hire a wedding planner

  • Plan your day

  • Create your vows

  • Agree on a location

  • Make it special

  • Choose symbolic acts

  • Have Fun!

1. Hire a wedding planner

The stress from your wedding day is the one thing you definitely don't want at your vow renewal! Leave it out this time, and keep everything under your control and manageable. A professional wedding planner can help you manage your wedding planning and even the wedding itself so it goes smoothly.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a lavish party, an extravagant location, or exquisite cuisine preparation. The sentiment is what really counts, and the more people you love who are present, the more significant your ceremony will undoubtedly be.

2. Plan your day

A vow renewal ceremony has the advantage of allowing you to design it as either a lavish celebration or a private ceremony enjoyed just by you and your spouse. There are no regulations or limits, and since you've already had your wedding day, you're under no obligation to use conventional wedding components like bridesmaids. Or, maybe you eloped the first time and now you want a full bridal party?

Plan the day as you choose and enjoy the special, romantic moments with your spouse. Remember, just like the first time it's a day of celebrating both of your love, so it is your choice! The key to a smooth running day is to plan, plan, plan!

3. Create your vows

A vow renewal ceremony gives the couple the chance to reflect on their shared experiences, recognise their personal growth, and anticipate what the future may hold. You could even decide to rephrase the promises you made on your wedding day, pledging to appreciate and adore each other no matter what happens.

Vow renewals only need to express your sincere feelings and how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with your partner. You can make this fun and unique by adding in some funny experiences you have had as a couple or maybe you want to reflect on some exciting adventures you have been on together! Make it count.

4. Agree on a location

Whether this is at home, in your garden, at a favourite place with lots of memories, on the beach, in the woods or at your favourite hotel, it is your decision.

The location can be chosen for sentimental or practical reasons. Maybe you want something completely opposite to where you had your wedding the first time around? Maybe you crave an adventure this time round, so you decide to elope at the top of a mountain or maybe you decide on a cool London dry hire wedding venue. Work out what’s best for you.

5. Make your decision to renew your vows special

Hosting a vow renewal is a beautiful way to honour your relationship and recommit to your spouse so remember to appreciate how far you have come and spend the day falling in love all over again!

Make the day as unique as possible, in a way that you will remember in years to come. Remember, you don’t have to adhere to societal norms and traditions - do what makes you both happy!

6. Choose symbolic acts

Would you like to exchange rings once more? Are you getting new rings? Alternately, you might prefer to rededicate your original rings.

You could consider a handfasting as part of your celebration. If you have children, they could do the binding or you could have yours and your children’s hands bound together as a symbol of who you are as a family and all you have shared.

Humanist celebrants are skilled in a variety of symbolic gestures, including sand-blending, lighting unity candles, and sharing quaichs (a two-handled loving cup). Your celebrant will be delighted to assist you in selecting something special for you.

7. Have Fun!

Finally, have as much fun with it as you can with your wedding vow renewal! There is no point allowing stress and nerves to take over you, as the first time may have done. You know what to expect and you know there is nothing legal this time; you can have a good time and create a day that you will enjoy and remember for a lifetime!

Are you planning to renew your wedding vows?

If you are looking to renew your wedding vows then I hope my ultimate guide to renewing your wedding vows helped out and I hope you feel excited, prepared and ready to plan!

If you are in need of a wedding planner, you can check out my services and inquire with me here. Let’s have fun planning together!

Speak soon, Akilah xo

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