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LONDON WEDDING VENUES - 6 Questions to ask your wedding venue before booking to see it

Within this blog post, you will have 6 very important questions to ask your wedding venue before booking to see it. There are so many wedding venues to choose from. From rustic to traditional we are really lucky when it comes to searching for the right one. However, you will most likely want to view a few before making the final decision. This blog post will help you filter down all of the options available to you just by asking 6 simple questions to ask your wedding venue when having the initial call with them. That way, no time is wasted especially no surprises when you are there.

1. First question to ask your wedding venue is: Do you have our wedding date available?

It seems silly, but the amount of times I hear of couples speaking to a wedding venue, booking a visit, and then finding out that their "hopeful" wedding date is not available. This is one of the first questions you should ask to avoid major disappointment when there.

2. How long can we provisionally hold our date?

This question to ask your wedding venue is important as each venue will have its own rule about how long they are willing to hold your date. Knowing this in advance will allow you to understand how fast you need to move when it comes to making a decision. Some venues may ask you to book on the spot and there is nothing worse than not knowing how long you can have to think about your dream venues.

3. The next question to ask your wedding venue is: Will the venue be exclusive use?

This may not be important for everyone, however, it is always nice knowing this before visiting. As if you were planning for the fairytale or VIP experience, then I guess you will not like the idea of sharing the same hotel bar with other guests that are not part of your wedding?

4. Do you have any upcoming work planned?

This is not something you want popping up after you have booked or worse, the venue is closed on your dream date because they forgot to mention it when you asked before. However, this question really does help you cover any tracks should the venue choose to update the building before your date. For example - the lovely wooden flooring you were really loving, will become a blue carpet by your wedding date....hmmm yes we do not want that.

5. Question to ask your wedding venue number five: Do I have to use your recommended wedding suppliers?

All wedding venues have their preferred suppliers. Just like question number three. Each venue will have its own rules about why they have chosen their suppliers or whether you are restricted to using them. So please do your research and if you ask ANY question, please be this one. I have seen many couples lose their deposits for their dream venue because the recommended suppliers are not what they expected for their dream day.

6. The final question to ask your wedding venue shortlist is: What are we expected to pay for to hire the venue?

Initially, when you receive a provisional quote from your wedding venue, it will not be everything you will pay for. It genuinely will just be the cost of the venue. So, be sure when asking questions to your wedding venue to consider the following: VAT, Late extensions, External catering, Corkage, Overnight stay, Early access, and furniture hire.

So there you have it, 6 important questions to ask your wedding venue before booking a visit. There are so many more to consider, so why not book a free consultation to run through them all with me before making the all-important decision?

Also if you are looking for London Wedding Venues and have no idea how to start, here are 5 tips to find your dream wedding venue.

Speak soon xo

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