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Wedding Management

If you’re a whizz at wedding budgets and a pro at wedding colours & theme picking, then your pre-wedding plans are in the safest of hands with you right now… Enter With Akilah & Co - your on-the-day coordinators with a flair for organisation and extensive experience in seamless event management. By prioritising the small, but mighty details that make your wedding day unique, vibrant and aesthetically you, you know you have nothing to worry about.


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With your bespoke on-the-day coordination package we will ensure:


  • We have a clear and cohesive diary of arrangements for the day, including supplier timelines and order of the day, so that lateness and miscommunications are never a worry.


  • All suppliers are well-versed on their arrival times and communicated with regularly on the day of your wedding.


  • Your table arrangements are set up perfectly and your reception room is dressed to impress with fine attention to detail by your wedding suppliers.


  • We are on hand to help you with what you need on the day, from veil straightening, button-hole pinning, confetti gathering and first dance orchestrating. Our team will work their background magic to ensure you feel calm and well-taken care of during every moment of your wedding day.

  • You will receive a full design book of your wedding plans to ensure all suppliers are prepared to pull your vision from paper to real life.

  • We will work with you to design the full walk through of your wedding plans ensuring no minute is left unaccounted for. This will include your timeline, floor plan, site map and more.

Wedding Management incusion

what type of wedding couple are you...

we need help with the overall look & guest experience for the day...

we love being in control but know we want to relax on our wedding day...

we've completed the fun wedmin, now shits getting real and we want you...


We work with fixed fees based on guest numbers and package type selected. Read more above.


Have peace of mind as we offer bespoke plans for the time we work together. An initial 50% deposit and the final balance due 30 days before. 


This service starts from 6 months to 30 days before your wedding day.

The finer details...

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Whats it like to work with a wedding manager

Such a pleasure to work with someone who is even more organised than you are - she had everything sorted, down to the little details and coordinated such a large team of suppliers to create one of the most gorgeous days.


We would love to hear more about your plans so please get in touch today by filling out our quick enquiry form.

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