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London Micro Weddings - 5 Fabulous Perks to Having a Micro Wedding

So, in addition to the great news that small wedding ceremonies could go ahead from the beginning of the month, we have now had the fantastic news that small wedding receptions of up to 30 people can be held from 1st August. Naturally, this is a good thing for the wedding industry, but what does it mean for engaged couples like yourself?

If you have been hoping for a massive wedding, then this news is obviously not ideal, but there is a lot to be said for smaller, intimate, and micro weddings. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Wedding ring box

Nearest and Dearest

Wedding table decor

It is true that this news makes for a far smaller celebration than you would have probably had, but really, would all those extra people have made your day more special? When you are forced to have a smaller celebration, it makes you really look at who the most important people are in your life and who you want to share your special day with. You get to spend more time with these people while you are celebrating the best day of your life, which ultimately, makes it even more meaningful. Plus, think about it. When organising a wedding, there are always people who do not RSVP, or they simply cannot make it. With a smaller crowd, you should be able to all agree on a date, knowing that the people you invite are almost guaranteed to be there. What could be better than that?

At your wedding reception, you won’t need to have that smile pasted on your face for hours on end while you go around countless tables, thanking each and every one of the 200 guests you originally planned to invite. You will have time to sit and chat to those loved ones, relax around them and really enjoy yourself.


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Having a smaller wedding and reception makes things so much easier and more flexible. For one, you can have your pick of venues. You may not need the registry office, and of course you can have a church wedding but when there is a smaller group of you, why not venture for something more exciting? As long as the chosen venue has a special license, you can pretty much have your ceremony anywhere. Even if they don’t have the license, you can have the legalities performed officially in a registry office beforehand and have a special ceremony where you want! A beach, a museum, a country manor house or a clifftop, the world is your oyster.

As for the reception, why make it more complicated than it must be? You could book a table at a special restaurant and do it all family style, you could host an intimate dinner at home, or have a barbeque in the garden. It really will depend on exactly what you want and how you want it, which is not so easy with a large group of wedding guests.


Not a subject anyone enjoys bringing up, but it still nevertheless needs dealing with. An intimate or micro wedding will benefit your bank balance no end! Less guests equals less cost! Now that certainly cannot be a bad thing! Imagine the price of a sit down 3 course meal for 150 – 200 people at your wedding at £50 per head. Bear in mind that is at the lower end of a caterer’s price list. Now cut that number down to 30 people and voila! You can breathe again, right? A much more palatable figure to deal with. The same obviously goes for drinks, your wedding cake, and of course, entertainment. Plus, there is still wedding décor to consider.

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Saying all this, having that extra money, can help you focus on things that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford for your wedding. For instance, that dress you’ve been dreaming of but dare not mention because of the price, might now be a possibility. Or, you could go for a nice champagne toast with a slightly more expensive champagne. Maybe you want to treat yourselves and your guests to a more luxurious menu? You may even want to splurge out on a more expensive photographer so you can really capture the day the way you want it. Cutting down in some places can produce huge benefits in others.

Your Day Your Way

Hanging wedding dress

Having a smaller wedding means you can totally do everything your own way! There are no expectations and no judging from people who do not know you that well, of how things should be. If you don’t want to walk down the aisle with all eyes on you, you don’t need to be doing it. Certain traditions can go right out the window if you do not want them to be part of your day. You don’t have to have bridesmaids, but you can have your beloved dog stand up with you at the altar. Want to get married in a red dress or even a cosplay? Do it! It is completely up to you and the one you’re going to marry, exactly how you get married.

Save Yourself More Stress

Hire a planner! Yes, we are saying it and yes, it may be a shameless plug but we and almost anyone you come across in the wedding industry will recommend it. A wedding planner will not only take the reins, but they will make the whole day completely and utterly personal to you and your significant other. They will work seamlessly with any other suppliers and you to ensure that you have the perfect day you have always dreamed of, albeit smaller.

Bride and groom with feet up on wall overlooking city

There are so many more perks to having an intimate or micro wedding, we have only managed to highlight a few. Plus, with the latest government guidelines on weddings, these smaller celebrations are bound to become immensely popular, very quickly. If you would like to discuss the possibility of having a micro wedding, do contact me here.

Also, for tips and advice on planning a micro wedding, download my ULTIMATE guide!

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