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London Micro Weddings - 5 Ways to Cut Down your Guest List for your Micro Wedding

Planning a micro wedding? Awesome! They are totally the ‘in’ thing right now and with the world the way it is, it’s no surprise. Small weddings are great ways to have your dream wedding just the way you want it but on a much smaller scale.

There could be one issue though: your guest list!

Micro weddings only accommodate up to 30 people realistically and that could mean an uncomfortable discussion with your spouse to be, friends and family. So how do you get around this little hurdle?

I have 5 ways to cut down on your guest list in the nicest way possible and staying friends all round!

Wedding ceremony set up with chairs

Those that matter don’t mind…

It’s actually true and also the first point you need to remember. It’s your wedding, right? So just invite the people that matter most to you both. Plus, even if you cannot invite all your closest loved ones, they will understand. They know it’s your day and that you would have them there if you could. If they don’t get that, are they thinking about you?


Unless you have serious BFFs where you work, you really don’t need to be inviting the people you work with to your wedding. Yes, they are your colleagues that you see day to day, but they are also people who know you predominantly on a professional level. Do you really want your manager to see you letting your hair down at the reception? Or the office gossip hearing the best man’s speech about the things you both got up to before?


Ok, this is a difficult one and could cause a little tension. But each child means an extra number so do you really want to have them there? A great way to get around this is by having an ‘adults only’ theme to your wedding. Venuelust offers the fantastic solution of hiring out a room at the same venue with some entertainment so that your nearest and dearests’ little ones can be dropped off there with peace of mind.

Children playing

Plus Ones

This is another difficult topic as everyone loves to bring a +1 to weddings. But as it is your day, you need to put your foot down. If they aren’t married, or they only met their new partner two weeks before, do they really need to bring them to your wedding? No, they do not. Make it clear on your invitation who the addressee is. A great way of making it clear on your invitation is stating the following: ‘We have reserved 1 seat in your honour’. A polite but firm way of inviting them.

Stream it

So, not all your loved ones are able to be invited to the most important day of your lives. They can still watch it on video if you are planning on having a videographer. Better yet, they can watch it live via video link! Talk to your wedding planner about how to make this possible and be sure to send the link to those who cannot attend!

So, there are five ways to cut down your guest list for your micro wedding. Yes, it’s certainly not the nicest thing to do but it is necessary. Why not sweeten the pill by planning a huge get together further down the line? A party, a massive barbeque or get together somewhere?

If you are planning a Micro Wedding, you should download my latest guide on how to make it the most memorable wedding for you and your loved ones. Download your FREE guide here.

Akilah x

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