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London Wedding Planning - 7 reasons why you need to hire an events coordinator!

Albeit, your wedding, baby shower, birthday, or engagement party!

But now is also probably the best time to think about an event planner?  Why? Because we (event & wedding planners) have the resources more now than ever to make your day the best it can be. Have a look at my reasons below. Surely then, if you have any questions you will have somewhere to start. I'm sharing 7 AMAZING reasons to hire a planner and how it will save you time, money, and stress!

Need more tips, or have any questions about your upcoming event in London? Use this form to ask me today:

Your time & sanity!

Ever look at Pinterest or endless inspiring social pages and get tired eyes? Start with one idea and end up with a thousand more? Well, your coordinator can filter these, by offering an extra creative eye and tunnel your thoughts, bringing your vision to life, leaving you squared eye free!

Your bank balance!

Everyone starts off with a budget or an idea of a "comfortable spend!" Ever seen those perfect shoes in the window for you, when actually you were here for your best friend's gift? Or had a budget for a new winter jacket and then bought your new winter and summer jacket because one was in sale? Yeah, this happens a lot when it comes to spending money on an event. Event coordinators balance and keep track of your budget around YOUR priorities.

All work, no play!

Chances are by the time your event comes, the experience of planning it all will be so tiring, that you will be hoping for the day to come to an end sooner than it should. The role of your planner is to ensure they work and you enjoy.

Do you have time to take up another job, and not get paid?

Time! Especially during our current climate. Time is so important to everyone. Do you have time to start a part-time job alongside your current job? Let your events coordinator do their full-time job by freeing up your time for things that are more important. Did somebody say cake tasting?

You cannot be in two places at once!

Okay! Let's think about on the day of your well-planned event! Who is going to make sure that the caterers turned up on time whilst communicating with lost suppliers to your venue, whilst you are getting your makeup done? You?

How much do you value enjoying yourself?

Event Planners are a luxury expense I hear you say? Speak to your favourite planners and let them show you their value and show you they're worth it. If you really don't have the budget but value your level of enjoyment on the event day. Think about investing in an on-the-day coordinator. That way you get to show off to all your loved ones, your amazing planning skills whilst the coordinator pulls it off for you.

Who will be responsible for running the show?

If you are lucky and have a venue coordinator, remember they are responsible for just that. The venue and what comes with it. As amazing as they are, and they really are because they know their venue like their laundry basket. Their role is to ensure they show off the venue (which helps for photos I guess). Not Peggy the photographer needing to pull you aside for photos or Megan the MUA providing touchups, but then you notice your friend responsible for organising your guests, is drunk on the dance floor.

Need more tips, or have any questions about your upcoming event in London? Use this form to ask me today

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