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Croydon Wedding Planning - 7 ways Events with Akilah will help you plan your dream day.

Here, you can find out how I, Events with Akilah, Intimate Wedding Planner in London can help you achieve your dream day. Below are 7 elements about myself to ensure we make the dream team when you hire me to help plan your wedding and/or celebrations. If you relate to any of the below then you my friends, should book a virtual hot chocolate with me.


I aim to make my approach refreshing in planning events and weddings. This is so simple when I can relate to you as a client. So, if you love binging on Netflix, watching true crime documentaries, reading, solving jigsaws, or get distracted playing soduku, then we are on to a good start.


I love to have fun (I really do), if you class yourself as quite funny, we will most likely get along. I love to have something relatable to my clients as it just makes working with you, that bit more fun. That way we can really dig into implementing how to have your unique celebrations.


Ever heard simple is best! Well yeh, that is a foundation for me. I love simplicity. I offer simple inspiration so you can sprinkle your personal (love) story all over it. You decide how to elaborate and how unique you want to go. No pressure! if you do not want the laughing blue waiter on the dance floor – we won’t have one.


Prior to starting a career in events, my background is in administration and property sales. So that could mean two things – I love people and helping them achieve their ultimate goals and two I love a checklist and flying out endless emails, picking up calls, and tracking data. Well, you are right it could be both. I love all things above and that makes me your perfect celebration planning expert.


If you are having a multicultural affair, then count me in! If you miss me out, and I find out, well then… I missed out! But I don’t want to miss out. Say Hello Today! I am all about culture and learning about new traditions. I love traveling and learning new languages (albeit I can just speak a little Spanish). I will explore to your heart's content if you would like to implement a special tradition for your celebrations.


I will be your Maid of Honours, Maid of Honour on the day. So, I will be making sure everything is perfect the week before, the day before, the morning of, and of course throughout. You will not have anything to worry about, your guests will love me, your Mother-in-Law will love me and we will all be ensuring you will have the best day ever. I will be your HR of weddings! Don’t believe me – read my testimonials here!


And when you think it all comes to an end, fear not! You can keep me on board as your post-wedding support coordinator ensuring all loose ends are covered, all wedding items hired returned, deposits collected and lost items restored to respective owners. So definitely, keep on my good side so I can help out when you need me.

So there you have it, 7 really amazing reasons why teaming up with me for your celebration and wedding planning in London, will be the best decision ever. Because who said your planning journey would be fun all alone. No one will care more about your wishes more than you and me.

And that is a promise x

What are you waiting for? You can instantly build your event with me here ….

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