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8 Reasons Why you should Live stream your Wedding

Whilst you are considering the 101 elements of planning your wedding day, you may be wondering why you should live stream your wedding?

Yes, why indeed? Well, the Royals have done it for years, generously inviting the general public to view and be a part of their wedding ceremonies. So why can't you live stream at your wedding?

With the pandemic situation over the last year, we have all had to up our technology game, for both work and leisure. Weddings have been limited to very few numbers in terms of guests, so when you live stream at your wedding, it could just be the solution. Let's look at some of the reasons why you should live stream at your wedding.

1. Live stream at your wedding can bring your wedding to loved ones afar.

Yes, unfortunately, we are in times where we must limit our wedding guests, which sadly means some people will not be able to attend. That is great for some if they only want a small wedding to begin with, but for people with larger families, or maybe even elderly, more vulnerable relatives, it can be difficult. Live stream at your wedding is great in this situation as it can enable you to have the people that you truly want at your wedding and they can enjoy being a part of the day without being put at risk.

2. Easy to put on social media.

If you want to put your live stream at your wedding on Facebook or Instagram, live streaming is a great way to do it! You can put the key moments on there, such as when you are exchanging your vows or throwing up your bouquet and working with your wedding coordinator with these timings, which means guests will not miss those important moments.

3. Fun and real memories to look back on in the future when you live stream at your wedding.

Imagine 5, 10, or even 20 years from now, just being able to click a button and watch the most important day of your life again. All the while, knowing that the most important people in your life at that time were watching it just like you. An incredibly special keepsake indeed! Videographers capture the important moments, but not able to capture and keep all the real reactions in. So when you live stream at your wedding, the raw candid moments are what come alive.

Couple at their COVID ceremony
Wedding Ceremony at Morden Hall Live Stream

4. There are a lot of free options to choose from.

Remember when I said about social media? Well, you can actually live stream at your wedding using social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The best news is, they are free to do so! Check out this guide on using Facebook Live stream!

5. Great to send to people unable to attend.

Putting Covid aside, live stream is still a great thing to do for people who genuinely cannot attend your special day because of other reasons. Whether you’ve got friends and family living far away or you simply want to shy away from large crowds on the day (Hitched). Sending them a link to your live stream at your wedding to watch you get married is a fantastic way of still having them there with you. Plus, having readings or messages that they can send to you is a great way to keep them involved.

6. Beautiful keepsake for parents

Parents get emotional at weddings, it's a fact. Why not make it even more special and give them their own copy of your live stream at your wedding that they can watch again and again?

7. Re-watch at leisure when you live stream at your wedding

Normally when you get married, everyone else seems to enjoy the day, but for you, it can fly by in an instant. By live streaming at your wedding everything, you can re-watch it and re-experience the day without worrying if everything is going as perfectly as you want it to.

8. Live stream at your wedding will be cheaper than having lots of guests.

Well, we all know weddings can be expensive. Not everyone has a big budget, and not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on certain things in a wedding, choosing to maybe instead focus on their home, family, or even putting the extra money towards a honeymoon. Therefore having a small wedding and live streaming for your guests may just keep costs down.

9. Ask your planner to live stream at your wedding!

If you are going to live stream your wedding, you really want it done properly. It's true you can designate a special guest or relative to do the filming for you, but there may be situations where something might go wrong. It's such a good idea to have a professional do this so that your guests can enjoy the day, and you know that you are getting a professional keepsake of the biggest day of your life. Why not ask your wedding planner if they can do the honors of hosting the live stream at your wedding? They know which parts to focus on and highlight, and you know that they will do a fantastic job of capturing the most important day of your life.

If you want to know more about live streaming and planning your wedding, do contact me, and let's get started!

Need further convincing if a having a small wedding is for you? Check out 5 fabulous perks to having a micro wedding here.

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