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Croydon Wedding Planning - ABOUT EVENTS WITH AKILAH

Thank you for wanting to know more about me. Here I would like to introduce what I do, why I do it, and what is my motivation!


I am a Multicultural Wedding Planner that showcases my couples! Not standard wedding traditional expectations. I do this by offering inspiration and expressing your culture in elements throughout your day, ensuring you and your fiance have your unique day and not another Pinterest wedding.


I do this from my home in Croydon, officially as of 2020 (yes I am one of the lucky few, who can laze in pyjamas if necessary). I cover London, Surrey, and Kent too. Eventually, I would love to branch off to destination weddings so watch this space.


You are my absolute favorites if you love breaking a few traditions and not sticking to the rules. (Yes I actively seek out a rule-breaker). Do not get me wrong, you enjoy traditions and respect why they are important but when we team together, your wedding day plans will flourish, if you love breaking tradition here and there. If you are a traditionalist, I can still love you, but I will ask you to personalise at least one element in your day (You were warned).


I commit to encouraging my clients to express their couple style. What is a "couple style? "

In the words of Events with Akilah:

"Spreading your couple's love story all over your special day. Do you prefer day dates? Movie nights? Binge TV'ers? Adventure seekers?"

Pick one and let's roll with it!

We will encorporate "you" even if that means "rebelling"! I do this by offering blank canvas packages ready to sprinkle your personal love story and colour all over!

I commit to ensuring you get to know me as much as I need to know you! Why? Because you need a coordinator you can trust, enjoy talking to (because we will do a lot of it), and is as enthusiastic about your day as you and are!

Finally, I am passionate about enjoying the process with my couples. I am all about transparency and ease. So, your relaxation on the wedding day starts from the journey not just on the day.

I hope you loved learning a little bit more about me, and I pray I can do the same with you soon! Book in for a virtual hot chocolate or mimosa with me, I would love to know how I can help you and your FIANCEEEEE plan your dream day.

Akilah x

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