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Designing and Planning an East London Wedding: A Dreamy Cultural Celebration with Modern Vibes

Let me take you on a journey to one of the most enjoyable, warming, and rewarding wedding days in East London that I had the complete pleasure of designing and planning for a wonderful couple, Farah and Mohamed.

Farah and Mohamed knew they wanted something special and not just an ordinary, traditional mixed-cultural wedding day. They approached me with just 4 weeks to completely design, plan, and coordinate their dreamy cultural yet rule-book-free wedding that would serve their guests with cool and modern vibes.

And we did it! In just 4 weeks, we transformed their "erm" into complete happy tears and hugs. Farah and Mohamed trusted me so much that when they walked into their wedding reception, they were blown away and couldn't stop saying thank you. They cried, we cried and you're probably crying now!

It was truly breathtaking to watch the smiles on each guest's face as they saw the carefully designed wedding breakfast set up. The wedding was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and I will cherish those moments forever.

Have a look at their gallery below:

Akilah xo

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