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3 Reasons why you might need a Professional Wedding Planner when you already know what you want?

Have you always thought that having a professional wedding planner is a luxury? I am guessing you have always wondered if you really need a professional wedding planner? With all the resources online, it seems that having a professional wedding planner isn't always needed. Well lovely, here are important 3 reasons why you might like to work with a professional wedding planner to help you have a personalised and unique wedding day even if you already know what you want.

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1. How much time can you spend outside of your full-time job to plan a wedding that could take you over 300 hours?

Planning your wedding involves a lot of time. If both you and your partner both work full-time jobs, you won't always have the time to meet supplier options and venue visits during the available hours they present. Hiring a professional wedding planner to do all the initial leg work... will save you a lot of research hours ensuring you only get the best options first hand.

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2. A professional wedding planner enjoys hearing you indulge and complain about your wedding plans.

Your friends & family will not.

You will find that it usually splits between the two, they're either uninterested or over interested and most of the time have definitely not planned a wedding before. As your trusted, luxury, and professional wedding planner I will always be a personal cheerleader, and allow you to vent or dream your plans to me always, offering you relevant and confident advice to make sure you are in the best position to make your final decisions.

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3. Pinterest and Instagram can really become overwhelming, I do not want you to throw the towel in on your dreams.

Pinterest & other social platforms like instagram are really incredible tools - you can find anything for inspiration. But they really are other forms of Google, so it will become overwhelming; VERY SOON. Your luxury and professional wedding planner will take the time to get to know you and your guests to help curate a wedding experience like no other.

Having spent hours training on using external platforms to create incredible inspiration boards for my clients and result in truly wowing you. A professional wedding planner knows that sometimes inspiration is just inspiration and cannot always be perfectly transcribed into a wedding as shown. Overall a professional wedding planner will design a wedding that is based on your hopes and visions and ultimately not somebody else's. And what's better than that?

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Looking for a professional wedding planner is not easy either, so I always advise to download brochures of your favorite ones and book in for free consultations, so you can have a chance to get to know them on a personal level.

And hopefully we will be speaking soon xo

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