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London Wedding Venues - Exhibit Bar, Heart of Balham

A multi-purpose events venue in the heart of Balham, London. Where pets can celebrate whilst you get engaged in their Cinema room!

It's the ultimate all in one venue where you can move from a sit down dinner, to karaoke to dancing until 2am all under one roof.

During this pandemic, it had me thinking about venues. How COVID-19 has affected the hospitality trade? I wanted to speak to some local venues, and after reaching out to a few of you, we had a favorite local: Exhibit Bar in Balham, London. It must be a favorite if dogs can host events there!

We hosted a triplet springer spaniel birthday party, with over 50 dogs, entertainment and doggy snacks. They even had a dog bouncy castle! 

For those of you, who haven't heard of The Exhibit. Christiana has explained it perfectly - I honestly couldn't have done it better.

Exhibit has been at the heart of Balham for over 20 years. Over three floors we have multiple flexible spaces that suit any type of event. A boutique cinema, large garden, private bars, private dining, karaoke, and more. It's the ultimate all in one venue where you can move from a sit-down dinner to karaoke to dancing until 2am all under one roof. And when on the Northern Line - this means you don't need to worry about missing the last tube!

Then trust your event planner, this is their area of expertise and should always guide you to make sure you have the best experience

Now, whilst you cannot physically visit your venue choices to plan your post COVID-19 event. Christiana recommends not just to book off photos alone. I agree! So why not, ask for a virtual tour? You need to experience the atmosphere and meet the teams to know it is a good fit for you. If you cannot get to the venue ahead of time - hire a local event planner to help you. Us planners will ensure we ask the right questions, to help provide confidence and reassurance this is the right place for you.

What is the most important question Exhibit thinks you should ask them?

Who is going to be looking after them on the night?

Thinking of a Post COVID Proposal? Well, look no further! Exhibit has it covered!

We organised a proposal in our boutique cinema. It was all planned so the couple came to watch a film and 5 minutes into the film the screen changed and it came up with a storyboard of their time together. Then the lights went up, the other "customers" were in fact a string quartet and the gentleman got down on one knee to propose. We were all watching on CCTV and were in floods of tears. 

Thank you to Christiana & Exhibit for your time!

Want to hold your next event here? Be sure to make an enquiry and check availability at:

Author: Events with Akilah x

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