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London Micro Weddings - 5 ways a Celebrant can make your Ceremony unique & unforgettable.

There are lots of options for wedding ceremonies and lots of key decisions to make;

Where do you want to get married?

What music will you play?

Will you write your own vows?

Who will be involved?

One thing I know for sure is a Celebrant led ceremony will give you the freedom to make your own choices, bring your own personalities to the day and ultimately create with you a personal, unique, and unforgettable wedding ceremony for all who attend.

Here’s how…


The possibilities are endless! You can really think outside the box in terms of location with a celebrant as, unlike registrars, we are not restricted to perform ceremonies in licensed premises. There may be a popular wedding venue you like that has a lovely outdoor space you could use or a restaurant or pub you often go to that has an attached meadow or woodland perfect for your special day. If you live by the coast or an area of natural beauty you can hold your ceremony there or even in your own garden if you like! Choosing somewhere that is special to you rather than a Register office or hotel room makes such a difference, you can feel relaxed and inspired as you make your commitment to each other.

Your love story

Your wedding ceremony will be written specifically for you, no set words or phrases, no ‘legal’ words that need repeating, no standard, unforgettable readings.

Your celebrant will get to know you as a couple and your story, they will talk to you at length to really understand who you are as a couple, the ins and outs of your relationship, your pet likes and dislikes, your hopes for the future. They will then weave all these details into a bespoke ceremony that tells your unique love story. Stories are what connect us as human beings, telling and sharing your story is the most beautiful way to capture this most special of days with your family and friends. There may be tears, there may be laughter, it will certainly be unforgettable!


You can include music that really means something to you as a couple. Are you Country & Western fans? Hard rockers? Lovers of classical music? Let your personalities show. In a celebrant led ceremony you can include any type of music you like. You may have a talented friend or family member that can sing or play an instrument, a favourite tune that you would like everyone to listen to as you sign your wedding certificate, a choir that you or someone you know is part of to get everyone clapping along or even a singalong where everyone can get involved!


You may want to go traditional, which is lovely but there are other options available. Your celebrant can help and guide you to write truly personal vows to each other. These are your promises to each other so if they can truly reflect how you want to treat your partner and grow with them and include your values they will be even more meaningful and memorable. You may want to inject a bit of humour if that is your style; “I promise to do my own ironing or always give you a foot massage when asked!”, this can be a fun moment too!

There are also different ways in which you can say your vows, if you are feeling nervous you may want your celebrant to help by reading them and you repeat, you can have them written on a special card that you can read from or learn them off by heart. It can also be a lovely surprise if you keep your vows secret from your partner until the ceremony… guaranteed to bring on the tears!


This is your special day but that doesn’t mean you can’t involve other people. Instead of having your family and friends being simply observers you can get them to play a part. If you have children you can involve them by entering in with them or holding a sand ceremony to symbolise the blending of your families. You can get the ‘Mums’ up to give you your ‘last kiss’ before you get married just as they gave you the ‘first kiss’ when you were born. You can get everyone involved by ‘warming or blessing the rings’ or having a group singalong, being truly a part of your ceremony will make it unforgettable for all who attend and they’ll be talking about YOUR wedding ceremony for years to come!

Choosing a celebrant to create and lead your wedding ceremony gives you the ultimate freedom to do things your way and start your wedding day off in the most personal and memorable way.

Now would be the perfect time to get in touch and book your all-inclusive micro wedding

"I love travelling and meeting people from all kinds of different backgrounds and cultures and love to hold ceremonies for families with a rich mix of cultures, religions, beliefs and set ups.

I am part of a multicultural family**, my husband is Brazilian and my two young children bilingual and I believe we should celebrate our uniqueness rather than stick to outdated traditions".

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