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London Micro Weddings - How to have the Perfect Micro Wedding

So, you’re engaged! Congratulations! Now the fun begins, the wedding planning, the search for the perfect dress, the choosing of potential bridesmaids, bickering with your parents about inviting the family members you haven’t seen since you were in nappies!

Is it all necessary?

Then, reality sets in. You and your significant other are also trying to get a mortgage, you want to have a family someday, you also want to have an amazing honeymoon before you settle down into married life. It’s suddenly become clear that neither of you really want a big wedding with people you hardly know. Yes, you are excited about getting THE DRESS, but do you really want five bridesmaids too? What about the 3 course sit down meal for 100 people at £120 per head? Money is tight at the moment and although you really want to get married, who are you actually having the wedding for?

If only...

Couple holding hands

It’s true that you want your wedding day to be special, but for the right reasons. You want to share it with your very nearest and dearest, because they are who matter to you the most. You want it to feel and look like a proper wedding but not with the amount of stress and debt that comes with it. If only there was a way to have your perfect wedding day but on a much smaller scale.

Micro weddings? Really?

Well, you have heard of micro weddings, haven’t you? They could be the answer to your prayers!

Sounds too tricky

How do you plan one though? Anyone who has ever tried to plan a wedding knows that things start escalating out of control pretty quickly. There is the budget to consider, who to invite, who not to invite, and how to do that without hurting anyone’s feelings is no mean feat either! Is there any décor? A bridal party? A wedding reception? Can you even wear a wedding dress? Where do you start?

Don’t worry! We have the perfect thing for you right here! The ULTIMATE guide to planning your very own micro wedding!

From styling tips, to advice on themes, right through to who to book and when, your wedding planning stress levels will dramatically decrease once you’ve had a read of this gem.

Preview of micro wedding guide

This guide is not only a step by step blueprint to planning the perfect micro wedding, it’s actually packed full of tips and advice from real life couples who have gone through the process themselves. You’ll also find golden nuggets in there from some of the very best wedding suppliers there is!

What are you waiting for?

So does it sound good to you? Get it then! Simply fill in the form below and have your guide delivered straight to your inbox. Did we mention it's FREE? Start planning your micro wedding now!

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