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London Wedding Venues - 5 Tips to Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue.

Looking for your dream wedding venue?

Firstly, yay, you're engaged! Congrats! I am guessing you have made it past all the celebrating (albeit, nobody said it needs to end). Below you will find the 5 most essential tried and tested steps in helping you find your dream wedding venue.

Now its time to save the date and source your dream wedding venue in London. Well, where do you start? This is usually the first step you would take in your wedding journey. But, if you have found (especially due to recent circumstances) you are on a tighter timeline due to last minute changes or postponements. You can still use the following easy steps to realign your dream wedding vision. Save this link for reference!


By this stage, I am hoping you have already picked London. If you are on the fence between here and Surrey for example, consider why you like both locations. Even if your location preference is not London, you can easily use this for any location in London. If you are playing with area choices, I would focus on two as London is big enough already.

Let's talk London, consider the following, do you need the venue to be near public transport? Do you want it to be in your local area? If you are planning to marry in a Church, consider the distance between the two?

Venue Style

We are really lucky in London! We have so many options, it really is limitless. There are venues in London that are perfect for any sized wedding from 2 people to 800 (I am sure there is more too), so you have to make sure you know the style of venue you want. The below are all questions you will want to find out before heading out for your venue visits:

Does it need outdoor space?

Do you need accommodation on site?

Dreaming of a grand hotel ballroom?

Or maybe somewhere completely exclusive for you and your guests?

Do you prefer fine dining (in-house packages) or exquisite culture dishes (dry hire)?

Would you love to wed legally on site?


This step will continuously be ongoing, you will never truly be finished with this task. You really want to make sure, you are searching for the right venue type before ruling anything out. If you have already found your dream venue but need help cutting down the numbers, click here!


Before you head out and start booking lots of site visits, work out a budget. The average spend is usually 50% of your overall spend (and potentially there are offers to include this with your food and beverage). Now that you have that handy you will have a better idea on areas within London that will be perfect.


The exciting part! Pick some preferred dates (I suggest starting with a season first, then a month and then checking venue availability from there). They don't have to be fixed as some venues may not have the availability. The important tip in this step is to be flexible. Remain open as we have peak seasons, and we have weekday pricing! I would hate for you to feel priced out of your dream venue because it is £10,000 on a Summers Saturday when it could be £3,000 if you chose Wednesday in November. It really could be a WIN WIN!

So, now that we have gone through the essential steps to find your dream wedding venue, you can really start searching and shortlisting your favorites. Create a spreadsheet to review and start calling those dreamy venues.

Looking for a venue is a very overwhelming task so, if you need the extra pair of eyes and someone to do all the leg work for you, get in touch I am here or build your planning package today

Akilah x

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