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London Micro Weddings - What's the big deal?

Want to get married in a post-pandemic era? Not sure how to have the perfect wedding with social distancing rules still in play? The answer to your prayers might just be in this article! Read on as we talk about the increasingly popular phenomenon that is Micro Weddings.

"A microwedding, like its name suggests, will typically include a guest list of up to 50 guests—often immediate family and super-close friends only. Though tiny in guest count, a microwedding differs from a minimony." The Knot

What is a Micro Wedding?

Ok, so it sounds like a tiny matchbox size affair, am I right? But that’s not the case at all. In fact, there are different opinions as to how big a wedding is to constitute a micro wedding. Let’s take a closer look.

According to Hitched, a micro wedding should have no more than 20 guests. A small ceremony indeed. However, Brides states that weddings with up to 50 guests can be classed as a micro wedding, this being a much larger difference. Let’s meet those figures in the middle and go for a comfortable 30, shall we?

Micro wedding couple kissing under a canopy on a beach in the sunset

Is it the same as an Elopement?

Not at all! Elopements seem to have a bit of a stigma, as in the past they were somewhat secretive. Couples would run away together to get married, often telling absolutely nobody. There were various reasons for the secrecy, although they probably didn’t go down too well when people found out! Elopements are more acceptable today, however, and are not always kept a secret.

Newlyweds posing for a photo on a spiral staircase

Micro weddings are not elopements. They are not kept a secret and are generally held as more of an intimate event with only the couple’s immediate family and friends present. There is no need to run away unless the couple in question wanted a destination micro wedding. Just a small gathering of much-loved ones together to celebrate the union of a couple.

Why should I have a Micro Wedding?

There are many reasons to have a micro wedding, but we will expand on a couple of them. The first is one of the biggest issues when it comes to getting married, cost. By having a micro wedding, it is possible to have your dream wedding on a much smaller scale.

According to Hitched’s national wedding survey in 2019, the average cost of a wedding was just under £32,000. Paying that amount, especially when so many are struggling financially with the aftermath of Covid-19 would seem ludicrous. Cutting the guest list alone could halve that amount, therefore making a micro wedding much more attractive.

Another reason for choosing a micro wedding would be the ability to really personalise the occasion to the lucky couple. It may not be a big wedding, but it does not mean it can’t take on your desired theme and décor. The key is in the name, micro wedding. Every aspect of a traditional wedding just scaled down.

Wedding couple slow dancing at their micro wedding reception

So, there are the basic facts of a micro wedding. Want to know why everyone is planning them? Click here

Akilah x

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