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WEDDING PLANNING QUESTIONS- 7 Wedding planning mistakes that couples make, but you don't have to

You are not alone when you say "I have no idea what I am doing" and you will most likely make some of these wedding planning mistakes too. When it comes to planning your dream wedding day, 8 times out of 10, it is usually the first time you have planned a wedding. So, why should you know? But for some reason there is always so much pressure in planning the biggest day of your life and now it needs to be perfect.

Although, you probably will make some wedding planning mistakes along the way, knowing this blog post is here so you don't have to (you can breathe now).

1. Letting your guestlist become open to suggestions from outside opinions

This is a tricky one, but I put this first as usually, you determine the type of venue you decide on from the average amount of guests you plan on inviting. Meaning, you have probably already discussed your guestlist. Before you confirm with any invites or save the dates, consider what will happen if you planned your guestlist in the following way:

  • First, make a list of the people you and your partner absolutely couldn’t imagine your wedding without.

  • Ask parents or benefactor contributors for a list of around 10 persons each (around one table per person)

  • Tell anyone else that isn’t formally helping you pay for the wedding politely it's being handled the way you wish.

2. Wedding planning mistake number 2: Including traditions for formality

Traditions are a funny old thing, but sometimes following traditions is all that may be important. But what happens if it falls off to being formality, like wearing school uniform (no level of importance, just procedure and definitely lacking originality).

An example could be not spending the night or day before with your partner? That doesn’t have to be the case at all, and I promise you it isn’t bad luck. I always encourage my couples, plan your wedding your way, after all it is your day.

3. Assuming DIY is cheaper than hiring professionals

There is nothing wrong with planning your own wedding. But creating your own decorations, centerpieces, florals, cake, and then food. I can promise you, it is all just a little bit too much. Too much time, and, it will not be cheaper. Let’s take your cake for example, you will at least need a minimum of two practices before your big day. So, that is three times the £££ of ingredients. Then you will need to bake it the day or two before your wedding day and then also need the time to decorate it and also find somebody you trust to deliver it to the venue and set it up for you. I mean if that one element isn’t time-consuming enough, imagine adding in all the other mentioned elements above.

4. Ignore hidden costs

Just don’t do it. It just creeps up on you and eventually, you will have to deal with it. Hidden costs to consider are postage, legal costs, insurance and way way more...

5. You invite too many people

Its okay if you want a big wedding, but ultimately I find the mistake here is that usually the couple invite guests out of politeness and formality. Don’t worry I done this too, so I know first hand how hard this is.

You want to always think about how you plan to keep you and your fiancé the centre of your day. And if you struggle with this part, you can always put in a rule that you both have to adhere to, to help build your guestlist.

6. Thinking about your guests over you and your fiancé

This is such an important thought. What are your hopes out of your marriage? What are your couple foundations? Once you know these, you are on to a winner. When you think about your guests first, it opens the opportunity for others opinions of how you should spend your day, become more important than your wants and needs of you and your fiancé.

You are not marrying your guests, but your fiancé.

7. Reject the idea of having a wedding planner

Now I may be a bit biased. But this is one mistake when planning your wedding that you do not want to make... there are many reasons why you may not want one. But there are many reasons why you made need one. But this is a blog post for another day.

Speak soon xo

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