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What is the difference between a Wedding Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator?

You are probably overwhelmed by all of the wedding planning right now and you are not sure how to go about planning a luxury and fun wedding, then you need to find your venue and other suppliers too. A common question that comes up is what the difference is between a personal wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator and we are going to help you differentiate between the two.


Of course, the closeness in their job titles causes confusion. However, the role of an epic venue & and more epic wedding coordinators are very different and serve different purposes.

If you have selected your venue, you may have a venue coordinator and you are wondering if you need a wedding coordinator too. To put it simply, a venue coordinator works for the interests of the venue and a wedding coordinator works for the interests of the couple.

What is a Venue Coordinator?

The responsibility of a venue coordinator is to manage the venue. Their work is strongly tied to the location, from the staffing to meal service to ensure that the power and lights stay on. They may also be the ones to give you a tour of the place, and their services are frequently included in the costs charged by the venue.

If you are getting ready off-site or your ceremony is taking place someplace else, they won't be involved in or assist with those events because they are solely in charge of the activities taking place at their venue. The venue is in charge of overseeing the setup of the space hired internally with the venue. For example, if they are providing your catering, bar, rentals, tables, chairs, and linens.


Unfortunately, many venues are likely to suggest suppliers who have paid to be on the list or work on a commission basis, so you're not really getting an honest referral based on someone's skills or experience.

A venue coordinator may appear to be a "free wedding planner," but in reality, they are not nearly as involved or in close contact with the couple as a wedding planner would be. Being an employee of a venue implies that they are accountable to them and have fewer opportunities to provide discounts and savings opportunities.

We love working with an excellent venue coordinator, they know how the venue runs, are great at coordinating the ceremony, and are absolutely the best people to oversee the food service. It goes without saying that there are many exceptional venue coordinators who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their clients have a flawless day and who are a pleasure for wedding planners to work with.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that a wedding planner is practically yours until you leave for your honeymoon, as opposed to a venue coordinator who is more likely to be accessible only during specific office hours and for a short period of time on your wedding day.

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

A wedding coordinator is also known as a wedding planner. Their top priority is to ensure that your wedding day goes hiccup free and that you are as calm and stress-free as you can be throughout the day and throughout the whole wedding planning process.

Even before you have decided on a venue, you can hire a wedding coordinator to help you with the planning because they will have a better idea of what you want from your wedding day. They will assist you in creating the design elements and planning the logistics so that on the day, everyone will be aware of every little detail and everything will go according to schedule.


A lot of time will be saved by hiring a wedding coordinator, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of research, visits, and comparisons you will need to make when looking for venues and suppliers.

We can do a venue search on your behalf, so all you will need to do is look into the venues that we have narrowed down for you and decide which ones you and your significant other should visit. We always make sure that the appropriate questions are answered so all you need to focus on is envisioning your wedding at the venue.

We can again save you time by finding your wedding suppliers if you don't want to compare prices or don't even know where to start looking for reliable, skilled wedding specialists. Wedding Coordinators invest a lot of time in creating a network of various suppliers they can use.

In addition to being personally familiar with their work, they will also customise their recommendations to fit your preferences in terms of budget, style, and personality. By doing this, we can be certain that we are assembling a group of wedding industry experts that we know will provide our clients with the finest service and the best value for their money.

While the venue coordinator won't even be aware of the guests you have invited, we will be the ones following up on RSVPs and dietary needs. There is no better investment than hiring a wedding coordinator if your time is your most precious asset.

If you are thinking about hiring a wedding coordinator for your own wedding then you can enquire here.

Speak soon, Akilah xo

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