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LONDON MICRO WEDDINGS - Why you need a micro wedding planner even if you are trying to save money.

The majority of engaged or married couples understand how difficult and challenging it is to plan a wedding successfully. Looking for the perfect wedding venue, staying within your budget, and finding trustworthy vendors and suppliers can seem altogether, a difficult task. In light of the current situation though, the call for micro weddings is increasing. Planning one of these may seem even more daunting to the recently engaged couple. However, hiring a micro wedding planner or coordinator will help relieve the stress and provide you with a vision of executing your special day in a big way, just on a smaller scale. An experienced micro wedding planner will also provide you with some fresh ideas for your unique and memorable wedding. You can (mostly) throw out the rule book when it comes to scheduling your micro-wedding day. Besides having the ceremony and making sure the legal part is sorted, how you want to run things is totally up to you. Coco Wedding Venues.

A micro wedding planner will ultimately provide you with information regarding the classic and latest trends that will enhance your wedding inspiration.

Below are some reasons you need a micro wedding planner, even if you are saving money.

1. Realistic budget planning

A micro wedding planner is vital in adding value by setting up realistic budgets for their couples based on their preferences. Most wedding planners will look at your budget and advise you on allocating and distributing funds for each element or item based on your priorities for the day. A micro planner will efficiently help plan for significantly smaller numbers and provide a reasonable cost to expect for everything involved. It's important to remember that setting a realistic budget from the beginning with your wedding planner will help avoid any frustrations along the way.

2. If you are trying to save money from your big wedding, a wedding planner can help by offering cost-saving tips

Wedding planners have professional and hands on experience in the industry and therefore understand what couples can do to save on their costs. Most will be willing to share the tips with their couples on things like the best ways to cut their guest list (take a look at our article here on just how to do that!), the best days or times to get married in order to save money, or even picking an off-peak wedding date. Additionally, a micro wedding planner can show you where you can save money on certain things and therefore allocate more to the things you want, whether that is elevating your guest experience or putting the extra money towards a honeymoon. You could be offering an open bar, arriving at the venue by horse and carriage or having a decadent donut tower instead of a wedding cake. You have so much freedom to design your day exactly how you want it so take advantage of that. Coco Wedding Venues.

3. Your wedding planner can help with finding cost-effective suppliers that you may not find on google

It's no secret that wedding planners know and network with many other suppliers. It comes with the territory. Investing in a micro wedding planner can really help with discovering other suppliers in the same niche and your wedding planner can recommend people they have previously worked with. This should give any couple planning their wedding some real peace of mind. Your planner should also be able to recommend and work with suitable suppliers based on the budget you have set for your wedding.

4. Hiring a wedding planner for you micro wedding helps keep everything on track

Any wedding planner, micro or otherwise, can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to the big day. Their organisation skills will be priceless as they should help supervise all the goings-on of the day, making sure that suppliers and other details are exactly the way they ought to be, the timeline is being followed and above all, that everything is running smoothly and perfectly. They are there to help bring together your vision of your wedding day.

Have you thought about enlisting the help of a micro wedding planner for your special day? Why not give me a shout here for some ways I can really bring your wedding vision to life!

Photographer Credits: Amanda Karen Photography

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