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How to have a luxury small wedding in London!

Are you planning a small wedding in London? When it comes to weddings, bigger isn't always better. In fact, an intimate gathering can often create a more meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your guests.

If you're considering a luxury small wedding and dreaming of an elegant affair in one of the world's most coolest cities, look no further than London.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to plan a small but classy wedding in the vibrant capital of England.

A small wedding needs to have the Perfect Venue

London offers the best options of stunning venues that are perfect for small weddings. Whether you're envisioning a charming garden ceremony, a chic rooftop celebration, or a historic townhouse reception, the city has it all. Consider venues like Kew Gardens, The Greenhouses, Marylebone, trendy wine bar Carousel, or the elegant Claridge's hotel. Just because you're planning small, you still need to remember to book well in advance, as intimate venues tend to fill up quickly as they don't just accommodate weddings.

Vegas Li

It's harder to create a smaller guestlist for a small wedding, create some rules for your thoughtful Guest List

One of the advantages of having a small wedding is the ability to carefully curate your guest list. Focus on inviting your closest family members and friends, ensuring that each person holds a special place in your heart. By keeping the guest count low, you'll create an intimate atmosphere where everyone can truly share in your joy. Micro weddings usually hold a limit of 30 guests, so decide whether you choose to elope or micro instead.

Vegas Li

Small weddings need extra focus to personalise your Ceremony

With fewer guests, you have the opportunity to add personal touches and make your ceremony truly unique. Consider writing your own vows, incorporating meaningful readings, or even involving loved ones in the ceremony itself. Opt for alternative ceremony locations in London's charming parks, such as Hyde Park or Regent's Park. There are even small spaces like Fitzrovia Chapel or The Bedouin Tent in East Central.

If you're trying to keep things authentic you have to hire a celebrant like Jennifer Patrice or Bex The Celebrant.

Jo Elvis

Jo Elvis

Have the chicest classiest wedding breakfast ever!

London is renowned for its diverse culinary scene (super perfect for our multicultural lovers), and your small wedding can take advantage of this gastronomic paradise (can you tell we love food?)

Consider a seated dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or opt for a private chef experience in a luxurious townhouse. Carousel London have weekly guest chefs from around the world who can inspire their head chef with different spices and fusions, so if you want to opt to have something bespoke - trust me they can do it.

Even your favourite locals like The Goat's private dining room is perfect for a cute dinner.

The most important part is to work closely with the venue or a trusted caterer to create a bespoke menu that reflects your tastes and preferences. Don't forget to pair the food with your favourite drinks. If it's not wine, don't choose it.

A small wedding still needs an incredible videographer and photographer team to capture precious moments. Our photographers Josephine Elvis & Soulfie Photography along with your very own content creator Lauren would make the dream team for your small classy wedding. While your guest list may be small, the memories created on your special day will be priceless. Hiring a professional photographer and videographer is crucial to capture every heartfelt, quirky, and coolest moments.

Discuss your vision and preferences with them in advance to ensure they understand the essence of your wedding vibe whether it's classy, alternative, chic or romantic. With iconic London landmarks as backdrops, your wedding photos will be nothing short of magical.

Embrace Intimate Details

Small weddings offer the opportunity to focus on intricate details that might get overlooked in larger weddings mainly down to budget. Elopements and micro weddings can range from £300-£20,000.

Pay attention to personalised wedding gifts, classy table settings, and exquisite floral arrangements from Sophie O'Keeffe Flowers. At With Akilah & Co, we really focus on providing you elegant designs where you have the chance to be in control of exactly how you dream to dine. And to top off the gorgeous details, adding personalised stationery is the cherry on top. Choosing calligraphers like The Oxford Calligrapher will be no regret.

There we have it, a full round up of this glorious elopement in London and how to have a small but classy wedding in London. I hope you can see how easy and simple it can be to create an intimate and extraordinary experience for both you and your guests.

My favourite UK city; London offers a wealth of options for venues, dining, and personalised touches that will make your day truly unforgettable.

So, embrace the charm and history of London, the cute photo spots and the most loved spots and celebrate your love in a way that reflects your unique style. Remember, it's not about the size of the wedding; it's about the love and joy shared by all.

Have more questions about small weddings in London, I'm hear to share more. Click here to read more about our elopements and small wedding packages, we'd love to help you.

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